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Women Leadership Cover-10-7-14
Women's Leadership in Peace Building
Conflict, Community and Care
Editor: Mirjam van Reisen
Publisher: Africa World Press

This volume presents research and analysis about the role women play as peace builders. Set against the present crises of war, destabilisation, economic downturns, human rights violations and state interventions that have led to unprecedented numbers of refugees in many regions of the world, the contributors look at different contexts in which women constitute an important element of peace building. The volume builds on earlier the earlier work of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Elisabeth Rehn on "Women, War and Peace" (2002).

The Human Trafficking Cycle: Sinai and Beyond
Authors: Mirjam van Reisen, Meron Estefanos & Conny Rijken
Publisher: Wolf legal publishers

This study looks at what happens to people who are captured, extorted and tortured in the Sinai. Treated as commodities, sold and resold – these people are trafficked. The vocabulary of ‘warehouses’ and ‘auctions’ and the negotiation of the ‘price’ of the hostages is reminiscent of the age of slavery, when the value of people was determined by their market price.
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EU should appoint woman as Ebola envoy

Mirjam-van-ReisenAs EU leaders discuss the appointment of an EU envoy for Ebola, EEPA Director Mirjam van Reisen argues in an article on EurActiv why the EU's envoy should be a women.

Ebola hits women. 75% of the victims of the Ebola virus are female. They look after sick children, husbands, and members of the family. Minister of Development of Liberia, Julia Duncan-Cassell, requested last week that more international women are appointed to give leadership to the fight against Ebola.

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International Colloquium on Women's Empowerment and Peace Building

1410-AWC-ICWL2Hosted by the Association of Women's Clubs in Zimbabwe the International Colloquium was held five years after the first Colloquium hosted by President Sirleaf in Liberia, co-hosted with President Halonen from Finland.

The Colloquium reviewed the progress made to implement the Monrovia Declaration adopted in Liberia in 2009. The Colloquium paid particular attention to the situation of women's leadership and peace-building in Zimbabwe, particularly assessing the space for women in rural settings. The work of the Colloquium focused on the way in which women can negotiate security and protection within society. The Collloquium adopted the Harare Declaration.

The Colloquium continued in The Netherlands, Leiden, as part of the Africa Works! Conference. The Netherlands Colloquium and conference were opened by Minister Julia Duncan - Cassell, Liberia's Minister of Gender and Development, repesenting President Sirleaf. For the text of the speech click here.

A resolution was adopted calling for more women in the leadership to fight against Ebola, noting that 75% of the victims are women. Women are the predominent care-givers of the sick and as a result are at greater risk, yet women are largely absent from leadership postions. The Dutch Minister of Trade and Development announced that Hans Docter had been appointed as the Dutch Envoy on Ebola. An EU Envoy on the fight against Ebola is expected to be appointed by the EU in the coming days.

At the Colloquium a book was presented with a foreword from President Ellen Johnson - Sirleaf called "Women's Leadership in Peace Building: Conflict, Community and Care". The book can be ordered from Africa World Press.

Ebola Appeal

ebola-ECMore than eighty academics, politicians and civil society actors have called on the EU to increase its support to address the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. The appeal to the EU's leaders urges the appointment of a European Special Envoy mandated to ensure an effective engagement by the EU in coordination with other actors.

With the continuing spead of the epidemic in Liberia, Sierre Leone and Guinea proving difficult to contain, the consequences for these countries is already devastating, and will have long term implications for the people and their cultures. The crisis is impacting particularly heavily on women in their role as carers for the family and community. In 2009 the International Colloquium on Women's Leadership in Peace Building took place in Liberia recognising the crucial role that women played in ending conflict in that country, and in steering the peace towards development. The achievements of the past decade are now threatened by the Ebola crisis.

The appeal has been sent to Presidents of the Commission and European Council, as well as to the political leaders of the EU's member states and is issued under the auspices of the International Colloquium on Women's Leadership in Peace Building that is taking place in Leiden on 16 and 17 October. Signatories include Professor Mirjam van Reisen, the Rectors of Tilburg University and other Universities, and the President of the Belgian Senate, as well as a number of past government ministers.

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Churches criticise Eritrean government

wccThe degrading state of human rights in Eritrea, and its impact on the lives of thousands of innocent Eritreans is of deep concern according to the World Council of Churches

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Asylum seekers and refugees start a hunger strike in Israel

One thousand African Asylum Seekers walked out of Israel's Holot Detention Facility in protest of the inhumane conditions and indefinite detention by Israeli authorities, marching to the Egypt-Israel border. They began a hunger strike after having been arrested by the police during their sit-in. 

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