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Decentralised Rural Energy to Meet Energy Needs of Rural Communities and Farmers: Simple, Accessible, Affordable and Sustainable
Editor: Mirjam van Reisen
Publisher: Hivos

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Women's Leadership in Peace Building
Conflict, Community and Care
Editor: Mirjam van Reisen
Publisher: Africa World Press

The Human Trafficking Cycle: Sinai and Beyond
Authors: Mirjam van Reisen, Meron Estefanos & Conny Rijken
Publisher: Wolf legal publishers
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The Netherlands slacking behind in development

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scorecard2012twitterThe Netherlands scores poorly when it comes to development, suggests the 'European Foreign Policy Scorecard' of 2012. The European Foreign Policy Scorecard assesses the performance of the 27 European member states and EU institutions on 80 areas from 2010, around the following core themes: (relationship to) China, Russia, the United States, wider Europe [European countries not yet Member States, ed), Middle East and North Africa and multilateral issues.

EEPA Director and Chair of International Social Responsibility, prof. Mirjam van Reisen said that this is not about the Netherlands doing badly but focuding on other priorities:

“The Netherlands can make a case for the perspective of the poorest countries in the European Union, so not only the strongest emerging countries need to be listened to. (Subsequently, we wouldn't have to compete ...) We do not have to compete directly with countries like Germany and England in development cooperation, but we (would) stand for something new that also has much to offer in terms of economic cooperation, access to raw materials and markets.”

Click here for the full article of ViceVersa (Dutch)

Click here for more details on the 'European Foreign Policy Scorecard' of 2012 (English)

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