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Women Leadership Cover-10-7-14
Women's Leadership in Peace Building
Conflict, Community and Care
Editor: Mirjam van Reisen
Publisher: Africa World Press

This volume presents research and analysis about the role women play as peace builders. Set against the present crises of war, destabilisation, economic downturns, human rights violations and state interventions that have led to unprecedented numbers of refugees in many regions of the world, the contributors look at different contexts in which women constitute an important element of peace building. The volume builds on earlier the earlier work of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Elisabeth Rehn on "Women, War and Peace" (2002).

The Human Trafficking Cycle: Sinai and Beyond
Authors: Mirjam van Reisen, Meron Estefanos & Conny Rijken
Publisher: Wolf legal publishers

This study looks at what happens to people who are captured, extorted and tortured in the Sinai. Treated as commodities, sold and resold – these people are trafficked. The vocabulary of ‘warehouses’ and ‘auctions’ and the negotiation of the ‘price’ of the hostages is reminiscent of the age of slavery, when the value of people was determined by their market price.
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Norway, Belgium, Israel: the distress call of Eritrean migrants

A fate of Eritrean refugees has become increasingly prominent. A recent visit to Eritrea by a Norwegian politician for discussion about the possible repatriation of 500 Eritrean “exit-mandatory” migrants; a campaign in Israel to support African migrants who have been victims of torture in the Sinai; protests in Brussels and other parts of Europe to mark World refugee day and the European Summit's deliberations of EU migration policy. 

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Where is your brother?

hashela1Catholic bishops from Eritrea have published a pastoral letter on the situation in the country. The letter is signed by Father Mengsteab Tesfamariam, Eparch of Asmara,  Father Tomas Osman, Eparch of Barentu, Father Kidane Yeabio, Eparch of Keren, and Father Feqremariam Hagos, Eparch of Segeneiti. Entitled “Where Is Your brother?” the pastoral letter warns that “on top of the crisis of people leaving their country, the family unit is fragmented because members are scattered in [national] service, army, rehabilitation centers, prisons, whereas the aged parents are left with no one to care for them and have been spiritually damaged. And all that combined is making the country desolate.” The bishops also ask for humane treatment of the prisoners.

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Defected Information Minister speaks out

ali-abdu1The Minister of Information of the Eritrean Government defected in 2012 to Australia. In an official declaration he confirms the involvement of military from Eritrea in smuggling and trafficking of its people, especially naming General Kifle Munjus. The Declaration is also testimony to the regime's practice to punish parents for the disloyalty of their children, adults or minors. It also speaks of the terrible circumstance of youth in the 'national service' or workcamps and the abuse of girls performing services for the senior military.

To read the statement of Ali Abdu Ahmed click here

UN considers establishing refugees’ centres in North Africa and Middle East

Eritrean refugees LampedusaWith expectations for record numbers of migrants expected to reach Europe during this years  ‘boat season’, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) says that the processing of migrants in countries such as Egypt, Libya or Sudan, may be necessary. However humanitarian Organisations working with migrants express concern that refugee centres would be opened in countries where human rights are not respected.

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‘Human Trafficking an important source of income for Eritrea’

eritrea human rights Those in power in Eritrea richly profit from the human trafficking of refugees, Mirjam van Reisen explained in an interview published by the Dutch newspaper the ‘Volkskrant’ on 27 May. She explains that those in power in Eritrea richly profit from the human trafficking iof Eritrean refugees and even find ways to extort money from these refugees in Europe through illegitimate taxation.

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