News Highlights: concerns for minor refugees, Libya detention centres, Sudanese politics


In this week’s news highlights, the European Court of Auditors report shows dangerous conditions in Greek and Italian refugee camps especially for the 23000 children, while Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) again denounces the appalling conditions in Libyan detention centres. In the Horn of Africa, the UN Monitoring Group will deliver the midterm report on the 30th of April; Eritrea figures again at the bottom of the list in the Freedom of Press Index; furthermore, Sudanese politics are a house of cards, according to the Institute for Security Studies.



Europe: emergency situation for minors in Greek and Italian hotspots
The Guardian reports on the EU Court of Auditors’ concerns on the situation of the hotspots and refugee camps in Italy and Greece. Specifically, alarm was raised over the situation of minors subject to abuse, smuggling and rape.

European Union: new report on the reform of the asylum system
The International Commission of Jurists released a report analysing the European Commission’s proposal for a new Common Asylum Procedure Regulation, providing comments and recommendations.

North Africa

Libya: commanders in Brussels to discuss assistance needed to tackle illegal migration
EU Observer
reports on the meeting held in Brussels between the European Commission and two commanders from Libya to help Europe tackling illegal migration. The EU is about to provide more support to the Libyan Coast Guard in order to complement the EU’s naval operation Sofia.

Libya: MSF denounces the appalling conditions of Libyan detention centres
Médicins Sans Frontières (MSF) denounces the conditions of the detention centres in Tripoli and Syrte. They report the appalling conditions in which people are detained in these structures.

Horn of Africa and Middle East

Eritrea: UN Security Council vote on the lift of the sanctions
On the 30th of April, the UN Somalia Eritrea Monitoring Group will release a midterm report. One of the topics under review is altering or ending the sanctions to the Eritrean regime. IDN-InDepthNews depicts the general framework surrounding this vote.

Meanwhile the Eritrean government has been trying to secure China’s support within the UN Security Council.

Eritrea: no rights for the media
Reporter Without Borders
released its annual ‘World Press Freedom Index’ and Eritrea is located at 179 position out of 180.

Somalia: foreign interests in the failed state
Mary Harper for BBC highlight the principal interests of foreign powers in Somalia. She provides a geopolitical analysis of the current situations and traces some possible future scenarios for the failed state.

Yemen: 1.1$ billion collected by pledging event in Geneva
On the 25th of April, Swiss and Swedish governments co-hosted a pledging event calling for help for the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Public and private donors reached the sum of 1.1$ billion. The UN, however, declared that this was just half of the necessary sum for combating the devastating hunger crisis – Al Jazeera reports.

Sudan: unstable conditions complicated by factional politics
The Institute for Security Studies delivers an analysis on the unstable conditions and President Al-Bashir’s diminished capacities of governing the country and realigning the political factions.

Enough Project’s report provides a detailed analysis, stating that the Sudanese government brought the state to be a kleptocracy and indicating the possible solutions to put an end to it.

Sudan: Khartoum accuses South Sudan of backing rebels
Reuters reports on the Sudanese government’s warning to South Sudan to stop supporting rebels in the Darfur, Blue Nile and Kordofan regions.

Ethiopia: 98 Eritreans arrested within the last two months
Africa News
reports the arrest of 98 Eritreans in Ethiopia, which is currently under a state of emergency, within the last two months. According to a senior security official, they were suspected to be “anti-peace elements”. Ethiopia accused Eritrea of infiltrating elements within the protests going on in the country.

·      Ethiopia announces arrest of “98 Eritrea sponsored” rebels in the last 2 months


The EEPA-Team