PFDJ Seminars in Germany: Eritrean community’s opposition in Frankfurt

Less than one month after the outbreak of protests that led to the ban of the annual Eritrean youth party congress in the Netherlands, the Eritrean community is again protesting the Eritrean regime. The German section of PFDJ organised a series of seminars which will be held in May in several German cities: Mannheim, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Köln and Kassel. On the 7th of May the seminar was held in Frankfurt. Specifically, it was the Hizbawi Mekete Seminar the campaign of “national rebuff” of the International Community’s accuses – run by Eritrean government through the diaspora groups.

The Eritrean Community organised a demonstration outside the location where the seminar was held. Many videos of the protests have been shared on social networks. They show  young Eritreans demanding that the dictatorial regime of Isaias Afwerki steps down and the liberation of the activists and journalists detained by the regime.