Random roundup in Khartoum: Eritrean refugees targeted

Eritreans in Khartoum are in an unsafe situation as random arrests – mainly targeting Eritrean refugees – are taking place in the Sudanese capital. Witness Araia Kidane tells about the situation in a Facebook post and says that security forces are “hunting” eritrean refugees in the streets, offices and their houses. The victims are arrested and have to pay “50,000 or more” to be released. Sources told Araia that people are asked for their identity before being captured.

It remains unknown why especially Eritrean refugees are targeted. Various people are worried this might be linked to the meeting Eritrean President Afwerki had with Sudanese officials in November. Araia stresses that the international community needs to undertake action because these refugees are extremely vulnerable; they do not receive protection from their country of origin nor from their host country.

Humanitarian organizations, like the UNHCR, are obliged to undertake action and save the lives of these refugees that are seeking protection in another country, states Araia.