Webinar proceedings

Summary of the Webinar Proceedings

SUMMARY of the Webinars Proceedings_Full Report

Conflict-Related Sexual Violence against Women in Tigray

Webinar interventions – 25 May 2021

SUMMARY of the Webinar Proceedings – Voices of Tigray

KEYNOTE Assita Kanko – Webinar Voices of Tigray

TESTIMONIES  – Webinar Voices of Tigray

PowerPoint Presentation – Victor Odero – IRC 

PowerPoint presentation –  Webinar Voices from Tigray

Supporting documents

APPEAL Women for Peace in the Horn Africa Initiative – 14 December 2020

International Rescue Committee (IRC): Gender Analysis Key Findings – 3 May 2021

Special Briefing – EEPA – Conflict-Related Sexual Violence against Women- 25 May 2021

Brutalities against Religious Leaders, Holy Places and Heritage in Tigray

Webinar interventions – 08 June 2021

Voices From Tigray: Summary of Webinar Proceedings

Voices From Tigray – Testimony – Helen Berhane

Voices From Tigray – Testimony – 1

Voices From Tigray – Testimony – 2

Voices From Tigray – Testimony – 3

Voices From Tigray – Testimony – 4

Voices From Tigray – Testimony – 5

Voices From Tigray – Testimony – 6

Voices From Tigray – Testimony – 7

Voices From Tigray – Speaker – Dr. Alula Tesfay

Voices From Tigray – Speaker – Dr. Hagos Abrha

Voices From Tigray – Speaker – Dr. Khataza Gondwe

Crimes Against Refugees Committed in Tigray

Webinar interventions – 15 June 2021

Voices From Tigray: Background to the Eritrean Refugee Crisis in Ethiopia – Tigray

Voices From Tigray: Testimonies

Voices From Tigray: Speakers – John Stauffer and Mike Slotznick

Voices From Tigray: Speaker – Klara Smits

Voices From Tigray: Speaker – Morgane Wirtz

Eritrean Involvement in the War in Tigray

Webinar interventions – 29 June 2021

Voices From Tigray Special Briefing Webinar Voices from Tigray

Voices From Tigray: Eritrean involvement in the war in Tigray

Testimonies Eritrean Involvement in the War in Tigray 2021

Voices From Tigray: Eritrea and its involvement in the war in Tigray

Voices From Tigray: Hunger For Peace, Hunger For Justice

Webinar interventions – 13 July 2021

Opening Statement – Hunger for Peace, Hunger for Justice

Voices From Tigray: Powerpoint War in Tigray Overview 13_July_2021