Press Briefing: Ethiopia on the edge of civil war as the international community calls for de-escalation

11 November 2020 – It has been one year since the Ethiopian Prime Minister Ahmed Abiy won the Nobel Peace Prize for his peace efforts with Eritrea and reconciliation in Ethiopia. However, the outbreak of conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region threatens to tarnish this accomplishment. On the Dutch radio programme Bureau Buitenland, Mirjam van Reisen, Professor in the Universities of Leiden and Tilburg and Secretary-General of EEPA, calls for urgent de-escalation and inclusion of all parties in diplomatic efforts.

Horn of Africa Civil Society Forum issues urgent appeal for peace in Ethiopia

The Horn of Africa Civil Society Forum, a network of civil society organisations in the East and Horn of Africa region, has issued an appeal for peace in Ethiopia over escalation of conflict in Tigray, Ethiopia. In the letter, the Horn of Africa Civil Society Forum expresses concern that the conflict in Ethiopia will claim the lives of many people and lead to destabilisation of the region. The Forum calls for the cessation of hostilities, peaceful and inclusive dialogue

Group of academics and researchers enters Eritrea – “I Set Foot in Eritrea – In the footsteps of the Elders and Leaders of the People of the Mereb”

A group of academics and researchers crossed the border into Eritrea under protection. Now that there is officially peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia, the group wanted to see the current situation for the people. The following account, videos and pictures were recorded by Mirjam van Reisen (copyrights).