Dutch government to stop long arm Eritrean regime following report

This week, a Dutch report with the title that translates to ‘nothing is what it seems’ came out. The report presents detailed research into the Eritrean community and organisations in the Netherlands and the influence of the long arm of the Eritrean regime on it. Additionally, it covers the subject of problems of integration and participation. Following the report, the Dutch government responded with a letter, which details measures to weaken the influence of the regime and to stop the involuntary payment of 2% diaspora tax.

Human trafficking, current migration routes, systematic torture and ill treatment on route

Yesterday, on the 7 November 2016, the Open Society Foundation held a meeting on the topic “Migration and asylum: 1.000 testimonies of torture en route”. The Foundation presented new findings concerning trafficking routes and gave a thorough insight on the traumatising experiences of migrants subjected to torture during their journey.