UNDP speaks about improving SDGs at the European Parliament

In a sitting of the Development Committee (DEVE) of the European Parliament on Tuesday 20 February 2018, Achim Steiner, Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), discussed the shortcomings of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and ways in which these need to be reestablished. He talked about the mounting pressure on people and the environment, including from ongoing conflicts and displacement as well as extreme weather phenomena such as in the Horn of Africa.

News Highlights: hunger strike in Israel as asylum seekers are jailed, Eritrea denies border talks with Ethiopia

In this week’s news highlights: Israel:First Eritreans in jail triggers hunger strike; Canada concerned with the situation in Israel; The story of an Eritrean who is now granted asylum in Italy; Sudan’s progress in women’s status; Eritrea denies talks with Ethiopia for border; Somalia’s Al-Shahaab in crisis; Ethiopian ruling party powerless, US Congressman says; Massive protests in Ethiopia; US urges Ethiopia to reconsider martial law; Frontex and the African asylum seekers; Soros as the ideal enemy for Hungary.

Eritreans go on hunger strike as Israel starts its deportation plan

Israel has started its deportation plan, imprisoning seven Eritreans who refused to leave Israel. The seven men were moved from Holot, an open detention center, to Saharonim prison for indefinite incarceration. On 20 February, 750 asylum seekers in Holot began a hunger strike. The protestors demand the release of the seven prisoners and that no more be imprisoned.