News Highlights: Preventable civilian deaths in Tigray, EU’s continued support to the Libyan coast guard, Hunger crisis in Greek camps

This week news highlights: 5,000 blockade-related deaths in Tigray, states report by Tigray health bureau; Eritrean refugees in Tigray at dire risk due to deteriorating conditions; Tigrayan forces expanding into the Afar region; Evidence points to the use of a Turkish drone in an attack that hit 58 civilians in Tigray; The ICRC returns to Tigray with aid after months of absence; Four dead in protests in Sudan against the military rule; Sudanese women’s rights activist detained in Sudan capital; WHO chief criticized by Ethiopian representative; EU calls for continuation of controversial Libyan coast guards training program; Hunger crisis in refugee camps in Greece; Refugees could be prevented from joining close families in the UK due to new rules; Ministerial conference in Vilnius to debate the challenge of EU’s border control

Horn Highlights: Ethiopian general vows to eliminate Tigray forces, Eritrean refugees dying in camps, Hemedti meets Ethiopian officials

In this week’s Horn Highlights: Ethiopian general threatens elimination of Tigray forces as tensions build; Witnesses say Somali troops committed atrocities while embedded amidst Eritrean troops in Tigray; Sudan’s Hemedti meets with Ethiopian officials; Eritrean refugees in Tigray dying of preventable causes, says UNHCR; Humanitarian supplies in Tigray critically low; Protests in Sudan continue as demands fail to be met; Ethiopia delays publishing inflation data as inflation hits high point.