News Highlights: Mediterranean route forecasts, UN urges Libya to close detention centres, AU debate on ICC

In this week’s news highlights, a leaked report from Germany foresees 6.6 mln arrivals from Africa; the “Vigil Protest” against the arrest of Christians in Eritrea took place in London; and the UN urge Libya to close the detention centers due to the appalling conditions to which migrants are subject. Furthermore, co-chair for Sudanese National Dialogue aims at a more inclusive, multi-level and constituency-based system than the one adopted by President Kiir.



EU-Turkey Deal: state of play
Upon written request from the Turkish parliament on the number of “irregular migrants” returned to Turkey within the EU-Turkey deal framework, the EU Affairs Minister Omer Celik presented data on the state of play of the agreement as of May 2017- Anadolu Agency reports.

Mediterranean: more than 59,135 arrivals in 2017 and Germany foresees 6.6 mln
Reliefweb reports IOM findings updating the situation of the arrivals in the Mediterranean, highlighting the relatively high number of arrivals through the Central Mediterranean Route.

A German government leaked report warns of future arrivals, foreseeing 6.6 millions people from the African continent. The reports is based on the number of people waiting to cross the Mediterranean from the Coastal states.

Greece: barriers in the asylum system for elderly refugees
Human Right Watch published a report on the augmented barriers to elderly refugees in Greece. They are caused by the malfunctioning of the EU asylum system and the procedures for family reunification, says HRW.

UK: “Protest Vigil” demonstration in support of Eritrean Christians
A demonstration was organised by Activists of the British Orthodox Church and groups such as Church in Chains (Ireland), Human Rights Concern Eritrea, Release Eritrea, and the Medhanie Alem Eritrean Orthodox Church in London outside the Eritrean embassy.

North Africa

Libya: UN urges the closing of ‘inhuman’ migrants detention centers
Libya is now in the eye of the storm. The UN Refugee Agency is asking for the closing of the detention centers. At the same time, the EU and Italy agreed to fund the construction of new UN-managed centers which have been slow to emerge, and there is continue struggle by the international community to find a “political or moral solution”, The Guardian reports.

Horn of Africa and the Middle East

Sudan: Darfouri rebels helped by Egypt
Middle East Eye
reports on the accusations al-Bashir made against Egypt. He allegeded that Egypt is helping the Darfouri rebels by providing military vehicles. The author also recalls the difficult relations the two countries have had in the last months.

South Sudan: co-chair of National dialogue calls for inclusivity
Abel Alier, co-chair of the national dialogue
in South Sudan, takes a different approach from the President. Instead of selective participation, he describes an inclusive, constituency-based, multi-level system- The Sudan Tribune reports.

South Sudan: Ukraine and Uganda weapons supply
After the EU Parliament adopted a resolution on South Sudan last week, many questions remain open. Ukraine, disrespectful of the embargo, continued to sell weapons, Euobserver reports.

Uganda: Rhino camp no ordinary refugee camp
Seen by many as having one of the most welcoming refugee policies in the world, Uganda houses many refugees from countries such as South Sudan. The Danish Refugee Council on the ordinary daily life in the Rhino camp.

African Union : the divisive issue of withdrawal from the ICC
Solomon Goshu for
The Reporter reports the debate of the withdrawal of African states from the International Criminal Court after the African Union resolution last January.