News highlights: Europe’s wall, Fr. Mussie Zerai under investigation, drought consequences

EEPA’s news highlights are back after the summer break. In the past weeks’ news highlights, Eritrean priest living in Italy is under investigation by the Italian prosecutor because he helps refugees and migrants; European Union member states increasingly call for military solutions to migration; in Eritrea, Patriarch Abune Antonios is still held under guard; drought is threatening – among others – people of Ethiopia and Eritrea; and 1 million South Sudanese refugees are now in Uganda, as the peace process is still ineffective.

News Highlights: Eritrean Patriarch Antonios seen at Mass, Italy threatens EU, summer break

This week in the News Highlights: EEPA takes a summer break and the News Highlights will continue 17 August; Italy is keeping the option open of granting temporary visas for migrants; right-wing group aims to help returning migrants and refugees to Libya; Patriarch of the Eritrean Orthodox Church, Abune Antonios, was seen at a Mass but according to witnesses, he was not allowed to speak; shots were fired in a three-hour exchange between the Eritrean and Ethiopian military; negotiations on sanctions US-Sudan continue; and state of emergency is declared in four South Sudan states.