News Highlights: Dutch parliament motion to close Eritrean embassy, businesses shut down in Asmara, EU divided over relocation

In this week’s news highlights: Dutch parliamentarians express their concern over the influence of the Eritrean regime and ask the government to close the Eritrean embassy; European Union sets June 2018 deadline for divisive relocation quota vote if no compromise is found; migration needs long term solutions, says European Commissioner; businesses in Eritrea close in what activists say is a move to control people; Human Rights Watch fears mistreatment of activists in Sudan; more clashes in the Oromia region of Ethiopia; and UN Refugee Agency wants to move 5.000 – 10.000 people out of Libyan detention centres in 2018.

Dutch Parliament adopts motions on Eritrea

On 5 July the Dutch Parliament adopted positions expressing concern about the actions of the Eritrean regimes activities in the Netherlands. These followed the debate on Eritrea and the influence of the Eritrean regime in the Netherlands. A total of eleven motions were adopted, while one was rejected. The adoptions confirm the strong stance of the Dutch Parliament on the situation in Eritrea.