Horn Highlights: Ethiopian general vows to eliminate Tigray forces, Eritrean refugees dying in camps, Hemedti meets Ethiopian officials

In this week’s Horn Highlights: Ethiopian general threatens elimination of Tigray forces as tensions build; Witnesses say Somali troops committed atrocities while embedded amidst Eritrean troops in Tigray; Sudan’s Hemedti meets with Ethiopian officials; Eritrean refugees in Tigray dying of preventable causes, says UNHCR; Humanitarian supplies in Tigray critically low; Protests in Sudan continue as demands fail to be met; Ethiopia delays publishing inflation data as inflation hits high point.

Horn Highlights: Abiy says he will lead the army, Agreement reached in Sudan amidst protests, Advance on Addis continues

In this week’s Horn highlights: Ethiopian PM says he will “join the frontlines” of the fighting; TDF/OLA advance continues amidst heavy resistance; Ethiopia threatens license revocation for four international news networks; US military readies forces in Djibouti to aid its embassy in Ethiopia; Further information that war was planned months before start of conflict; Agreement reached between with military in Sudan while opposition denounces agreement and protests continue.

News Highlights: Independent reports on chemical weapons entering Tigray, Mass starvation occurring in Tigray, Illegal pushbacks to Libya 

In this week’s news highlights: EEPA webinar discusses the widespread abuse of refugees happening in Tigray; Reports of chemical weapons entering Tigray; International community condemns widespread starvation in Tigray and warn of potential famine in Ethiopia; Ethiopia’s UN envoy stated that Eritrean soldiers will ‘leave soon’; BBC docu-film on the perilous journey of migrants from Ethiopia to Yemen; Human trafficker Tewelde Goitom (Welid) sentenced to 18 years in prison; Alarm Phone reports illegal pushbacks in Libya; Scotland’s Council extends ban on acceptance of refugees; Refugees sentenced to 10 years over Moria fire; Police bust human smuggling ring in North Macedonia; IOM project aims to make migration data more accessible.