A Call for Justice – Petitions to the UN General Assembly and the UN Security Council to stop Impunity in Eritrea

The situation in Eritrea is severe and reports show that crimes against humanity are committed in Eritrea on a daily basis. The fact that the people in Eritrea are forced into military service for an indefinite time and face slave labour in their country causes an ever-growing number of Eritreans to flee and to risk their lives on their way to Europe. These crimes against humanity have recently been confirmed and reported by UN Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea. Two ongoing petitions call attention in order to gain support for the condemnation of human rights violations in Eritrea.

Dutch Parliament united for strong action against Eritrean regime

On Thursday 30 June, the Dutch Parliament debated on the influence of Eritrea in the Netherlands. In addition, the human rights situation in Eritrea in relation to European Union development aid and crimes against humanity were discussed. At the start of the debate, Eritreans refugees and members of the diaspora offered a petition to Dutch politicians which has currently been signed over 15.000 times. Three Ministers present in the debate made strong commitments on behalf of the Dutch government.