Press Briefing: Ethiopia on the edge of civil war as the international community calls for de-escalation

11 November 2020 – It has been one year since the Ethiopian Prime Minister Ahmed Abiy won the Nobel Peace Prize for his peace efforts with Eritrea and reconciliation in Ethiopia. However, the outbreak of conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region threatens to tarnish this accomplishment. On the Dutch radio programme Bureau Buitenland, Mirjam van Reisen, Professor in the Universities of Leiden and Tilburg and Secretary-General of EEPA, calls for urgent de-escalation and inclusion of all parties in diplomatic efforts.

News Highlights: Experts call for de-escalation of Tigray conflict, Nearly 1,000 refugees returned to Libya, UN calls for new resettlement system in the UK

In this week’s news highlights: Experts call for de-escalation of violence in Ethiopia as military offense starts against Tigray; 54 Amhara people killed in Oromia region of Ethiopia; Renewed relations between Sudan and Israel leaves refugees in fear of deportation; Increase in COVID-19 cases in the East and Horn of Africa; 1,000 refugees returned by Libyan coastguards within days; Statistical analysis on migrant vulnerability on the move in Libya; UN calls for new resettlement system in the UK after tragic family death; Two smugglers taken into custody for piloting boats across the Channel; 1,600 refugees arrive in Lampedusa and 300 await to disembark; Fires burn down tents in refugee centre on the island of Samos; Dutch Government leads a project for digital transition in Africa; Second COVID-19 wave puts women, children, and migrants in danger of human trafficking; 10 countries that receive the most refugees.

News Highlights: EU’s ‘no more roads’ approach in Eritrea, Amnesty publishes report on cycle of abuse in Libya, New European migration pact introduced

In this week’s news highlights: Human rights organization revokes lawsuit against EU for road-building in Eritrea, after EU announces ‘no more roads’ approach; 5 Sudanese artists convicted; Missing prisoners in Eritrea memorialized digitally; Review of book series on mobility and human trafficking by Dan Connell; EU imposes sanctions for human rights violations in Libya; Amnesty calls for the EU to reconsider collaboration with Libya; Rescue ship rescues 133 migrants and refugees, 128 others returned to Libya; New EU migration pact introduced; Italian authorities restrains Sea-Watch 4 ship; Italy makes deal with Tunisia to return 500-600 people monthly; UK Home Office lifts ban on evicting asylum seekers that have been denied status; Protests in Germany to receive more migrants; Intolerance of migrants increases.