News Highlights: EU continues closing its borders, Italy refuses DNA evidence in Medhanie-case, Brussels conference report

In this week’s News Highlights: European Council president promises help to ‘close Central Mediterranean Route’; Italian prosecutor rejects vital DNA evidence in human trafficking case, Brussels Conference ‘Eritrea and the Ongoing Refugee Crisis’ report; French police likely used excessive force in Calais; Save the Children warn of detrimental effect of EU policies on mentral health of migrant and refugee children; US Ambassador visits Horn of Africa countries; Terrorism continues in Somalia.

Conference ‘Eritrea and the Ongoing Refugee Crisis’ draws large crowd

A mixed crowd of policy makers, experts, lawyers and other interested people came together last Thursday, 19th of October, in Brussels for the Conference ‘Eritrea and the Ongoing Refugee Crisis’. The conference, which was the result of long preparation, was organised by EMDHR, EEPA, pro-asyl, Connection E.v., War Resisters’ International, and Eritrean Law Society. It was hosted by the representation of the state of Hessen to the European Union.

News Highlights: Attack in Somalia, Swiss aid to Eritrea, Libya political meeting

In this week’s news highlights: Devastating attack in Somalia; Ethiopian government official resigns; South Sudan refugee video report; story of an Eritrean minor; Switzerland starts new programmes with Eritrea; France announces tougher measures on migration; Libyan political leaders to meet in Tunis; UNHCR statement on Libyan detention camps; operations in the Mediterranean saved 600 people; Egyptian army engaged in fighting with terrorist groups in Sinai region.