News Highlights: Janjaweed leader arrested, threats to UN officials from Burundi and Eritrea, possible sanctions in Libya

In this week’s news highlights: UN expresses worries over threats to UN officials from Eritrean and Burundi officials; Nevsun shareholders urged to divest; Janjaweed militia  leader arrested in Sudan; Italy promotes Libya coast guard cooperation in European Parliament; EU-AU summit starts; UN Security Council considering targeted sanctions in Libya; and IOM wants 30 detention centres in Libya closed.

News Highlights: Eritrea slave labour lawsuit in Canada, Israel crackdown on refugees, Libya slave market video

In this week’s news highlights: the court case against Canadian mining company Nevsun for use of forced labour and mistreatment in Eritrea can move ahead; Eritrean refugees protest in Ethiopia refugee camp; Israel takes plans to deport or imprison Sudanese and Eritrean refugees to the next level; Africa Monitors reports on fate of deported Eritreans; video of Libyan slave markets sparks outrage; and the African Union and European Union prepare for the third AU-EU summit next week.

Video of migrants sold as slaves in Libya further illustrates the dangers of EU-Libya deals

Migrants are sold for around 400 US dollars to the highest bidders in slave auctions taking place on Libyan soil, and now there is video documentation to prove it. On Friday 17th November 2017, an article was published by the American media network CNN, documenting this inhuman reality. This new evidence again puts in question the controversial strategies adopted by the European Union and its member states in dealing with Libya.