News Highlights: Israel re-examines asylum cases, new ruling Chairman in Ethiopia, rescue NGO accused of human trafficking

In this week’s news highlights: Israel re-examines Eritrean cases for asylum; Amnesty International condemns Israeli refugee policy; Abiy Ahmed elected head of EPRDF ruling coalition in Ethiopia;10.000 displaced Ethiopians in Kenya; South Sudan claims Sudan threatens their sovereignty; Number of incidents with car bombs in Somalia; Many Somali refugees return home to help rebuild it; Spanish NGO accused of trafficking after refusing to send rescued people to Libya; and the EU prioritizes migration in new partnership with Africa.

News Highlights: Port dispute Somaliland, Sarkozy accused of receiving funds from Gadhafi, EU-ACP talks for Post-Cotonou

In this week’s news highlights: Many arrested afterupheavals in Eritrea following death of respected elder; Port dispute between Somaliland and Somalia may cause conflict, Somaliland minister warns; Eritrea accused by Ethiopia over security destabilization; Amnesty International protestsSouth Sudanese men sentenced to death; Former French President Sarkozy faces accusations of illegal campaign funding from Gadhafi; Talks between EU and ACP on Post-Cotonou agreement; EU to provide further training to Libyan coastguard; Human Rights Watch says Libya is not ready for elections.

Post-Cotonou Agreement: the EU should not downgrade the ACP, African officials urge

Yesterday, 20 March, the Development Committee (DEVE) of the European Parliament (EP) held a public hearing regarding the negotiations between the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) states and the European Union (EU) for a new comprehensive agreement that will manage their relationship after the Cotonou Agreement expires in 2020. According to the two parties,the post-Cotonou Agreement will have to address the possible gaps of the already existing document and it is expected to renew the relationship between the signatories. However, the exchange showed that the relationship of the two is fragmented, with the EU seeming optimistic and the African Union (AU) feeling left out.