News Highlights: Last warnings on relocation, UN Special Rapporteur on Eritrea, new report on Libya

In this week’s news highlights, the European Commission gives last warnings to the Visegrad countries on relocation quotas, the number of people crossing the Mediterranean Sea continues to drop and Italy announces funding for food security in Eritrea; Civil society organisations ask for the renewal of the mandate UN Special Rapporteur on Eritrea; a new Eritrean community starts in Switzerland and a new report was published on ill-treatment of migrants in Libya.


Visegrad Countries: Commission is giving ultimatums on quota
Euractiv reports the EU Commission warnings to the Visegrad Four (Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic). The countries not fulfilling their obligations under the relocation scheme will be soon sanctioned or infringement proceedings will be started by the European Commission, Commissioner Avramopolous said.

Especially the Czech Republic is targeted, following their announcement of withdrawal from the scheme as Euobserver reports.

Mediterranean: stopping smugglers by preventing engines to be exported
The Maltese Foreign Affairs Minister George Vella indicates the limitation of dinghies, engines and repair pieces export from Europe as a viable way to prevent smuggling across Mediterranean. Mr Vella told the Times of Malta that many EU Member States responded positively to this measure.

Meanwhile the Pacific Standard analysed the data released by the International Organization for Migration on 2017 arrivals and the drop compared to the previous year.

Italy: 500.000 to nutrition for children in Eritrea
The Italian Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano announced the 500.000 euros funding given to UNICEF for the realisation of interventions supporting food security for children in Eritrea.

North Africa

Libya: new report on ill-treatment of migrants
Refugees International released a report on the abuse faced by migrants who attempted to reach Europe from Libya’s shores.

Horn of Africa and the Middle East

 Eritrea: civil society organisations ask for renewal of the mandate of the UN Special Rapporteur on Eritrea
Human Rights Watch reports on the letter asking the Permanent Representatives of the UN Human Right Council to renew the Mandate of the UN Special Rapporteur on Eritrea at the 35th session, taking place this month. The letter was signed by 27 civil society organisations.

Eritrea: New website from the Eritrean Community in Switzerland
With the support of the Swiss project Contakt-Citoyenneté the Eritrean refugees of the Italian Canton in Switzerland just launched a new website with information on their country of origin and the Eritrean community, and providing practical information for the newcomers.

Ethiopia: Humanitarian situation
Daily Maverick published the UNICEF and WFP Deputy Executive Directors’ report of the situation in the country for the last 16 years and the activity of the two organisations within this context.

South Sudan: 15 children died after vaccination campaign
CBS News reports on the consequences of the vaccination campaign in South Sudan. The World Health Organisation and UNICEF defined the team involved as “neither qualified nor trained”.

Sudan: almost four million displaced by conflicts
In the last 14 years almost 4 million Sudanese people were displaced because of the conflicts. The Secretary General of the Norwegian Refugee Council – Jan Egeland – said that this long-lasting forced displacement problem has been neglected by the International Community.