News Highlights: Eritrean government-linked interpreters in Europe, UN identifies possible war criminals in South Sudan, French asylum law criticized

In this week’s news highlights: Eritrean government-linked individuals in Europe acting as interpreters for Eritrean asylum seekers; Eritrean meeting in London cancelled after diaspora protests; UN urges Sudan to end impunity for rape crimes; South Sudan on the brink of famine; South Sudanese military officially accused by UN for perpetrating war crimes; Number of unaccompanied children refugees in South Sudan worrying; French draft law on asylum criticized as unbalanced; Frontex would not mind becoming the new European law enforcement agency; UNDP discusses the shortcomings of the Sustainable Development Goals in the European Parliament.

News Highlights: Eritrea-Djibouti tensions, global displacement, counter-terrorism in Sahel

In this week’s news highlights, the UN Refugee Agency published its annual report on global displacement, showing a continuing upward trend in the numbers of displacement; the tensions over migration between European Union member states continue; counter-terrorism force in Sahel region approved by UN Security Council; tensions between Djibouti and Eritrea rise, and fears grow that tensions between Arab allies may cause conflict in the Horn of Africa; and International organisations have not learned their lessons from previous engagements with the Eritrean regime.

News Highlights: Human trafficking in Libya, Eritrea Afar displacement, famine report South Sudan

In this week’s news highlights we will share with you the latest reports on migration and international affairs. This includes the situation of unaccompanied minors in Europe, human trafficking in the Libya and a report on South Sudan that explains how the country ended up in a state of famine and violence. This week’s news highlights also includes a press release by Eritrean Afar State in Exile concerning the displacement of indigenous people in Eritrea and the latest news about migration in Europe and the famine in the Horn of Africa.