News Highlights: Record 23,000 refugees returned to Libya in 2021, NGOs warn of mass surveillance of refugees, Tigray facing famine

In this week’s highlights: The Elders address UNSC on Tigray; Refugees in Ethiopia approved for resettlement refused departure in Addis, say witnesses; UN urges opening of Tigray for aid; 29 Tigrayan bodies found in the river between Sudan and Ethiopia; 5,000 Ethiopian migrants blocked in Yemen; Ethiopia’s competing alliances; Over 23,000 refugees returned to Libya this year; More than 10,000 refugees attempted to cross from Tunisia to Italy; NGOs warn that extension of fingerprint database is a threat to refugee privacy; UK may push back refugees crossing the Channel; Migrants stuck at the EU-Belarus border facing dire conditions; Migrants and refugees arrested on unlawful reentry charges in Italy; Asylum seekers in Lesbos living in precarious temporary camp; and Education of refugee children “now under threat”.

News Highlights: Eritrean government-linked interpreters in Europe, UN identifies possible war criminals in South Sudan, French asylum law criticized

In this week’s news highlights: Eritrean government-linked individuals in Europe acting as interpreters for Eritrean asylum seekers; Eritrean meeting in London cancelled after diaspora protests; UN urges Sudan to end impunity for rape crimes; South Sudan on the brink of famine; South Sudanese military officially accused by UN for perpetrating war crimes; Number of unaccompanied children refugees in South Sudan worrying; French draft law on asylum criticized as unbalanced; Frontex would not mind becoming the new European law enforcement agency; UNDP discusses the shortcomings of the Sustainable Development Goals in the European Parliament.

News Highlights: Eritrea-Djibouti tensions, global displacement, counter-terrorism in Sahel

In this week’s news highlights, the UN Refugee Agency published its annual report on global displacement, showing a continuing upward trend in the numbers of displacement; the tensions over migration between European Union member states continue; counter-terrorism force in Sahel region approved by UN Security Council; tensions between Djibouti and Eritrea rise, and fears grow that tensions between Arab allies may cause conflict in the Horn of Africa; and International organisations have not learned their lessons from previous engagements with the Eritrean regime.