News Highlights: Study 2% Eritrean diaspora tax, clashes in Ethiopia, remembering crackdown Eritrea

In this week’s news highlights: new study published on 2% diaspora tax for Eritreans in Europe confirming reports of coercion and threat; German charity denies Italian allegations that its rescue ship has had contact with Libyan smugglers; European Parliament delegation visits Tunisia to discuss about current situation of migrants and refugees; BCC launches websites for Eritrean and Ethiopian audiences; Ethiopian ethnic crisis may escalate as officials point fingers at each other; Eritrean people remember the day in which the government crackdown of 2001.

News Highlights: mini-summit on migration in Paris, Day of Disappearance, Sudan activist freed

In this week’s news highlights, the policy direction of the European Union becomes increasingly clear as several EU countries promise to held Chad, Niger and Libya increase their border protection; processes to return asylum seekers to Greece have started despite doubts over conditions of reception; the International Organization on Migration and Reporters Without Borders remind us of the damage of disappearances; and a prominent human rights activist is pardoned and freed in Sudan, but others are still being held.

News highlights: police clash with refugees in Rome, boats blocked in Libya, floods in Sudan

In this week’s news highlights, the police in Rome use a water cannon to disperse protesting refugees; two opinion articles state that the EU’s migration policy may cause dehumanising conditions in Greek camps and more deaths in the Sahara desert; an armed group is stopping boats from leaving in Libya; Eritrea gets a new EU head of delegation; Eritrea’s biggest mine sees its production life cut in half; and flash floods cause damage in Sudan.