News Highlights: Eritrea conference aftermath, famine and South Sudan ethnic killings

In this week’s news highlights, the Dutch-Eritrean relations are becoming more and more tense after the ban of the Eritrean youth conference and during the weekend thousands of people were rescued in the Mediterranean Sea. In the Horn of Africa, Eritrean nurses and care workers are not allowed to show how famine is devastating the country and the government-backed Ethiopian Human Rights Commission reports on the violent episodes of the last six months. Furthermore, in South Sudan the government is perpetrating ethnic killings against its presumed opponents.

News Highlights: Eritrean conference in the Netherlands, Slave markets in Libya

In this week’s news highlights, the Dutch-Eritrean community and Dutch politicians are disturbed by an Eritrean conference with a high-level official in attendance, a report shows possible scenarios for Europe’s refugees and migrants, and IOM has disturbing reports on slave markets and extortion in Libya. In the Horn of Africa, Djibouti hosts many refugees and there are reports of child abduction in Ethiopia by a South Sudanese tribe. Furthermore, there are concerns about how EU aid is affecting Sudan’s “militia state”.

News Highlights: EU plans for Syria, Libya, Yemen, New Italy-Libya deal, US sanctions Eritrea

This week’s news highlights include the outcomes of the EU Foreign Affairs Council held in Luxembourg this Monday, an investigation showing little evidence of the allegations of NGO connections with human smugglers in the Mediterranean Sea and an update of the arrivals in EU. A new deal between Italy and Libya on the Libyan Southern border was reached. Eritrea was put under new sanctions by the United States while the flow of people fleeing the country towards South Sudan is increasing.