Home Office imposes strict eligibility rules for relocation minors

Two days ago the UK government has taken a clear step back from its commitment to take in half of the 2.000 children that were staying in Calais at the time of its demolition. In the debate on the topic of the “Calais Children and Immigration Act” on 16 November, UK’s minister of Immigration Robert Goodwill announced new eligibility criteria for refugee children that are supposed to be transferred from France to Britain with the demolition of the shanty towns. The new criteria limit admission to unaccompanied minors that are aged 12 or under; at high risk of sexual exploitation; aged 15 or under and of Sudanese or Syrian nationality.

Ill-informed politics: what scientists understand and what politicians do

Politicians and the media alike speak about the “refugee crises”, “the high influx of migrants” as well as the need to stop this “inflow” and to find ways to combat migration by tackling the “root causes”. The current narrative in politics within the Union undeniably has a negative character and the message seems to be clear: migration is a threat. It is a problem that has to be solved.