News Highlights: IS Attacks Libya, UN and NGOs report on Eritrea, EU’s new budget could strengthen rule of law

In this week’s news highlights: Human Rights Watch and Human Rights Concern Eritrea report on Eritrea; US Congressman calls for cooperation with Eritrea; UN calls on Eritrea to respect media freedom; South Sudan continues to be supported by Egypt, el-Sisi assures; Humanitarian staff in Somalia dead and injured; Ethiopian and Eritrean ex-officials debate blame for border issues; Deaths and injuries after IS attack in Libya; Mogherini reassures EU’s willingness to support Somalia; EU’s new budget to strengthen rule of law.

News Highlights: Israel re-examines asylum cases, new ruling Chairman in Ethiopia, rescue NGO accused of human trafficking

In this week’s news highlights: Israel re-examines Eritrean cases for asylum; Amnesty International condemns Israeli refugee policy; Abiy Ahmed elected head of EPRDF ruling coalition in Ethiopia;10.000 displaced Ethiopians in Kenya; South Sudan claims Sudan threatens their sovereignty; Number of incidents with car bombs in Somalia; Many Somali refugees return home to help rebuild it; Spanish NGO accused of trafficking after refusing to send rescued people to Libya; and the EU prioritizes migration in new partnership with Africa.

News Highlights: hunger strike in Israel as asylum seekers are jailed, Eritrea denies border talks with Ethiopia

In this week’s news highlights: Israel:First Eritreans in jail triggers hunger strike; Canada concerned with the situation in Israel; The story of an Eritrean who is now granted asylum in Italy; Sudan’s progress in women’s status; Eritrea denies talks with Ethiopia for border; Somalia’s Al-Shahaab in crisis; Ethiopian ruling party powerless, US Congressman says; Massive protests in Ethiopia; US urges Ethiopia to reconsider martial law; Frontex and the African asylum seekers; Soros as the ideal enemy for Hungary.