News Highlights: EU-AU partnership, attack on Afar people in Eritrea, Yemen situation deteriorating

In this week’s news highlights, the European Council’s Foreign Affairs Committee discusses partnership with the African Union; Italy and Germany demand a border patrol mission at the Niger-Libya border; the Eritrean Information Office continues to collect diaspora tax in Norway; 10 Christians were reported arrested in Eritrea; and a fishing boat was reportedly attacked by a United Arab Emirates (UAE) helicopter. Furthermore, although UNHCR succeeded in bringing emergency aid to Yemen’s Taizz governorate, the agency warns about worsening conditions.

PFDJ Seminars in Germany: Eritrean community’s opposition in Frankfurt

Less than one month after the outbreak of protests that led to the ban of the annual Eritrean youth party congress in the Netherlands, the Eritrean community is again protesting the Eritrean regime. The German section of PFDJ organised a series of seminars which will be held in May in several German cities: Mannheim, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Köln and Kassel. On the 7th of May the seminar was held in Frankfurt. Specifically, it was the Hizbawi Mekete Seminar – the campaign of “national rebuff” of the International Community’s accuses – run by Eritrean government through the diaspora groups.

News Highlights: ACP-EU meetings, UN demands freedom Eritrean journalist, border management

In this week’s news highlights, the ACP-EU Joint Council of Ministers is taking place in Brussels, and EU Commissioner Avramopoulos warns European Member States that border controls at EU internal borders have to be removed before the end of the year. In the Horn of Africa, the UN calls for the liberation of the Eritrean independent journalist Dawit Isaak; furthermore, the South Sudanese government considerably raises fees for NGOs that work in the country.