Eritreans protest in The Hague to draw attention to refugees in Libya

The Hague – Around 200 Eritreans gathered in the political capital of the Netherlands to ask for help for Eritrean refugees in Libya. As violence has broken out in Libya, the refugees have increasingly become trapped. The Eritreans protesting in the Netherlands report that Eritrean refugees have been, among other things, tortured, shot, raped and starved. Pictures of trapped groups of people, including of young children and women, are circulating on social media. The protesters ask for help from the UNHCR, the European Union and in particular the Netherlands to provide an emergency solution.

News Highlights: Open borders between Eritrea and Ethiopia, Europe proposes large border force, new government in Sudan

In this week’s news highlights: Eritrean-Ethiopian border reopens at two points; former Eritrean minister publishes accusatory book; campaign to protest large-scale disappearances in Eritrea; dozens of migrant child slaves freed in Sudan; South Sudan goverment and rebels sign “final” peace agreement; Sudanese president to form new leaner government; hostilities continue in Libya; Juncker proposes to upgrade Frontex, tighten asylum rules; more migrants die on sea after crackdown on NGO rescue missions; UN to investigate attacks on migrants in Italy and Austria

Former Eritrean minister of finance openly calls for radical change in Eritrea in new book

In a recently published two-part book, former Eritrean finance minister Berhane Abrehe attacks Eritrea’s president Isaias Afwerki. The book titled “Eritrea Hagerey” (Eritrea my Country) is both a reckoning with the current political system in Eritrea as well as a call to Eritreans to peacefully take their fate into their own hands and install a democratic government, it is reported. The book is only available in Tigrinya so far.