News Highlights: Ethiopia frees 2 Eritrean journalists, pregnant refugee healthcare, Greece under pressure

In this week’s news highlights: Greece is under pressure due to a new peak in arrival of migrants and refugees; Italian court case against suspected human trafficker continues, despite allegations that the wrong person was arrested; EU doctors state present report, stating that pregnant refugees must have access to better health care; Two Eritrean journalists freed in Ethiopia; Al-Shabab militia strike outside Mogadishu; Somalia to host large Turkish military base; and human rights groups are concerned lifting of US sanctions against Sudan might cause human rights issues.

News Highlights: Eritrea-Djibouti tensions, global displacement, counter-terrorism in Sahel

In this week’s news highlights, the UN Refugee Agency published its annual report on global displacement, showing a continuing upward trend in the numbers of displacement; the tensions over migration between European Union member states continue; counter-terrorism force in Sahel region approved by UN Security Council; tensions between Djibouti and Eritrea rise, and fears grow that tensions between Arab allies may cause conflict in the Horn of Africa; and International organisations have not learned their lessons from previous engagements with the Eritrean regime.

News Highlights: EU-AU partnership, attack on Afar people in Eritrea, Yemen situation deteriorating

In this week’s news highlights, the European Council’s Foreign Affairs Committee discusses partnership with the African Union; Italy and Germany demand a border patrol mission at the Niger-Libya border; the Eritrean Information Office continues to collect diaspora tax in Norway; 10 Christians were reported arrested in Eritrea; and a fishing boat was reportedly attacked by a United Arab Emirates (UAE) helicopter. Furthermore, although UNHCR succeeded in bringing emergency aid to Yemen’s Taizz governorate, the agency warns about worsening conditions.