Eritrean organisations concerned over Eritrea repatriation policy developments

A statement published on The America Team for Displaced Eritreans’ web page foresees the ‘imminent’ deportation of 700 Eritrean refugees from the United States to Eritrea and furthermore it warns of the concrete possibility of torture and executions awaiting the refugees once deported. Under US pressure, the Eritrean regime has agreed to issue travel documents that make deportation possible. The first case is currently being processed, and the outcome of this process might have wider implications if other countries take example, including in Europe.

Conference ‘Eritrea and the Ongoing Refugee Crisis’ draws large crowd

A mixed crowd of policy makers, experts, lawyers and other interested people came together last Thursday, 19th of October, in Brussels for the Conference ‘Eritrea and the Ongoing Refugee Crisis’. The conference, which was the result of long preparation, was organised by EMDHR, EEPA, pro-asyl, Connection E.v., War Resisters’ International, and Eritrean Law Society. It was hosted by the representation of the state of Hessen to the European Union.

News Highlights: Ethiopia frees 2 Eritrean journalists, pregnant refugee healthcare, Greece under pressure

In this week’s news highlights: Greece is under pressure due to a new peak in arrival of migrants and refugees; Italian court case against suspected human trafficker continues, despite allegations that the wrong person was arrested; EU doctors state present report, stating that pregnant refugees must have access to better health care; Two Eritrean journalists freed in Ethiopia; Al-Shabab militia strike outside Mogadishu; Somalia to host large Turkish military base; and human rights groups are concerned lifting of US sanctions against Sudan might cause human rights issues.