News Highlights: Eritrea wants to join UN Human Rights Council, Plea to aid Libya refugees, Displacement in Ethiopia

In this week’s news highlights: Opposition to Eritrea’s bid for membership in UN Human Rights Council; ethnic violence in Ethiopia causes internal displacement; South Sudan joins 1951 Refugee Convention; suicide attack in Mogadishu on Italian military vehicle; media freedom threatened in Africa, says article; Hungary opposes UN Migration Compact; Human Rights Organisations want Aquarius to continue rescue mission; Human Rights Organisations urge international community to aid refugees trapped in Libya.

News Highlights: Israel cancels refugee plan with UN, Dutch Minister calls for closing of Libya detention centres, Ethiopian President speaks of peace with Eritrea

In this week’s news highlights: Netanyahu cancels plan with UNHCR for refugee resettlement; new Ethiopian President expresses efforts for peace towards Eritrea;Al-Shabab attacks AU troops in Somalia; Four African countries set to cooperate to fight crime;The story of an Eritrean refugee from Africa Monitors; Dutch Minister urges for closure of “inhumane” Libyan detention centers; European Commission announces new emergency aid to Greece; Frontex says smuggling activity is more organized now;; and UN chief economist worried about food security.

News Highlights: hunger strike in Israel as asylum seekers are jailed, Eritrea denies border talks with Ethiopia

In this week’s news highlights: Israel:First Eritreans in jail triggers hunger strike; Canada concerned with the situation in Israel; The story of an Eritrean who is now granted asylum in Italy; Sudan’s progress in women’s status; Eritrea denies talks with Ethiopia for border; Somalia’s Al-Shahaab in crisis; Ethiopian ruling party powerless, US Congressman says; Massive protests in Ethiopia; US urges Ethiopia to reconsider martial law; Frontex and the African asylum seekers; Soros as the ideal enemy for Hungary.