New ideas and familiar outcomes at the special meeting on migration and EU External Action

On Tuesday, the 11th October, the committees on foreign affairs and development held a joint meeting to discuss European Union’s external action in view of migration and refugee movements. The meeting provided the chance for participants of the European Youth Event to express their views on the current refugee crises and to present their ideas for constructive solutions. Speakers of this event were Matthäus Fandrejewski, Linda Slapakova and Andrea Gabriela.

EU’s and Afghanistan’s Joint Way Forward – A Return Trip for Afghan Migrants

At this week’s EU-Afghanistan donor conference (3rd to 4th October) over 70 countries and 20 international organisations and agencies came together in Brussels to discuss Afghanistan’s development. Although political cooperation and financial support were the main focus of the conference, the gathering was questioned months ahead of it start due to a leaked file published by the Guardian in March 2016. The document revealed that the EU’s plans to make assistance “migration sensitive” and required a commitment by Afghanistan to readmit an unlimited number of Afghan citizens that were not granted asylum in Europe.