News Highlights: EP Resolution demands immediate release of Dawit Isaak, 15-year old boy dies on Italian ship, UNSC extends resolution for checking and seizing Libya boats

In this week’s news highlights: European Parliament demands the release of Eritrean-Swedish journalist Dawit Isaak and condemns ongoing human rights abuses; Migrants drown and go missing off the coast of Djibouti; Detention centres for Ethiopian migrants in Saudi Arabia remain “hellish”; 5 migrants jailed after riot in detention centre in Morocco; Security Council grants extension of resolution on inspection and seizure of migrant boats from Libya; Teenage boy who shows signs of torture dies on Italian quarantine ship; British Home Secretary introduces new laws on asylum that differentiate people using traffickers; Italy alleviates migration rules and Salvini goes on trial; Immigrant groups in Norway unprotected from pressure and control of governments from which they fled; Refugees on Lesbos in Greece continue to live in appalling sanitary conditions; and the DRC Report highlights the consequences of Covid-19 on the Global Compact of Refugees.

The EU and the Horn of Africa: Migration in the middle

“[I]t is a partnership of equals, where both sides share opportunities and responsibilities. Africa will be a key partner in building the world we want to live in – whether on climate, digital or trade,” stated President of the European Commission Ursula Von der Leyen, during her speech at the State of The Union conference on Monday 16 September in front of the European Parliament. This is the guideline that the Commission means to take forward this year with regard to relations between the European Union (EU) and the African Union (AU).

News Highlights: Refugees return from Yemen back to Djibouti; Dozens feared dead after boat sinks off Libyan coast; First COVID-19 death in Greek camp

In this week’s news highlights: Thousands of migrants and refugees arrive in Djibouti after suffering abuses trying to reach Saudi Arabia; At least 15 killed in an armed attack in Ethiopia; migrants drowned after boat capsized off the Libyan coast; NGO staff accused of smuggling in Greece; Tensions arise after first COVID-19 death at Malakasa camp in Greece; Alan Kurdi rescue boat docks in Sardinia, Italy; Lesbian refugee wins trial in the UK after unlawful deportation to Uganda; East German city to host asylum seekers in spite of rise of far-right movements; Remote Ascension Island considered among attempts by UK government to remotely host refugees; Italian warship, deployed to combat human smugglers, caught with contraband in 2018; Open letter to UK prime minister for changing family reunification law; “Anchor baby” argument devalues migrant womens’ journey; VODAN successfully achieves and stores patient data visit across continents.