Legal analysis shows incorrect procedures over Italian-Sudanese deportation

A legal analysis carried out by a group of professors and students from the Faculty of Law of the Torino Public University has been publish at the end of last October. The analysis is focusing on the unlawful use of the ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ (MoU) signed by Italian authorities and Sudanese police. The signing of this MoU occurred on August 2016 on Italian soil, after which 40 Sudanese migrants were deported back to Sudan.

News Highlights: Eritrean diaspora protests, message from inside Eritrea, Horn of Africa drought

In this week’s news highlights: a member of the Freedom Friday (Arbi Harnet) speaks to a Dutch journalist about the protest in Asmara; article emphasises that ordinary people organised protest Asmara; air strikes in Somalia; drought in the Horn of Africa continues impacting the region; Eritrean diaspora rallies and unites worldwide; report calls for change of EU-Eritrea migration policies; rape used as instrument of war in Libya.

News Highlights: EU continues closing its borders, Italy refuses DNA evidence in Medhanie-case, Brussels conference report

In this week’s News Highlights: European Council president promises help to ‘close Central Mediterranean Route’; Italian prosecutor rejects vital DNA evidence in human trafficking case, Brussels Conference ‘Eritrea and the Ongoing Refugee Crisis’ report; French police likely used excessive force in Calais; Save the Children warn of detrimental effect of EU policies on mentral health of migrant and refugee children; US Ambassador visits Horn of Africa countries; Terrorism continues in Somalia.