News Highlights: Eritrea slave labour lawsuit in Canada, Israel crackdown on refugees, Libya slave market video

In this week’s news highlights: the court case against Canadian mining company Nevsun for use of forced labour and mistreatment in Eritrea can move ahead; Eritrean refugees protest in Ethiopia refugee camp; Israel takes plans to deport or imprison Sudanese and Eritrean refugees to the next level; Africa Monitors reports on fate of deported Eritreans; video of Libyan slave markets sparks outrage; and the African Union and European Union prepare for the third AU-EU summit next week.

News Highlights: Eritrean diaspora protests, message from inside Eritrea, Horn of Africa drought

In this week’s news highlights: a member of the Freedom Friday (Arbi Harnet) speaks to a Dutch journalist about the protest in Asmara; article emphasises that ordinary people organised protest Asmara; air strikes in Somalia; drought in the Horn of Africa continues impacting the region; Eritrean diaspora rallies and unites worldwide; report calls for change of EU-Eritrea migration policies; rape used as instrument of war in Libya.

News Highlights: Conference Eritrea in Brussels, Dawit Isaak shortlisted for Sakharov Prize, situation in Sabratha critical

In this week’s news highlights: Brussels conference ‘Eritrea and the Ongoing Refugee Crisis’ next week; Eritrean official denied entry at conference US, sparks rumors of arrest; protests in Ethiopia; food shortage for South Sudanese refugees in Uganda; OXFAM published a report warning EU about its migration policies; ‘illegal migrant smuggling’ topping EU security priorities; Dawit Isaak shortlisted as finalist for EU Sakharov prize; Merkel agrees on 200.000 net migration limit; migrants and refugees in Sabratha left stranded after fighting.