News Highlights: Humanitarian crisis in Tigray, 110 deaths due to shipwrecks off Libyan coast, 15-year-old refugee killed in Libya

In this week’s news highlights: Statement on the Ethiopian conflict by Interreligious Council of Ethiopia; Conflict in Tigray enhances humanitarian crisis; At least 31,000 refugees from Ethiopia fled to Sudan; AMECEA Bishops call for peaceful talks amid the conflict in Ethiopia; 15-year-old Eritrean refugee killed in refugee shelter in Libya; At least 110 deaths in 4 shipwrecks off Libyan coasts; Spanish government concerned about high number of landings in Canary Islands; Locations of 32,000 asylum seekers in Greece unknown; Asylum seekers arrested for driving boats across the English Channel; Father charged after the death of his son in crossing; Irregular migrant camp dismantled by french police; Refugees raise alarm for violation of human rights in British camp; and Record law in refugee resettlement to be reached in 2020.
For frequent updates about the situation in the Horn, please see the EEPA Horn situation reports.

News Highlights: Experts call for de-escalation of Tigray conflict, Nearly 1,000 refugees returned to Libya, UN calls for new resettlement system in the UK

In this week’s news highlights: Experts call for de-escalation of violence in Ethiopia as military offense starts against Tigray; 54 Amhara people killed in Oromia region of Ethiopia; Renewed relations between Sudan and Israel leaves refugees in fear of deportation; Increase in COVID-19 cases in the East and Horn of Africa; 1,000 refugees returned by Libyan coastguards within days; Statistical analysis on migrant vulnerability on the move in Libya; UN calls for new resettlement system in the UK after tragic family death; Two smugglers taken into custody for piloting boats across the Channel; 1,600 refugees arrive in Lampedusa and 300 await to disembark; Fires burn down tents in refugee centre on the island of Samos; Dutch Government leads a project for digital transition in Africa; Second COVID-19 wave puts women, children, and migrants in danger of human trafficking; 10 countries that receive the most refugees.

News Highlights: Arrests after Ethiopia coup attempt, UN Special Rapporteur says Eritrea abuses continue, EU proposes voluntary disembarkation guidelines amid standoff

In this week’s news highlights: Deaths of Ethiopian officials in apparent coup attempt, 250 people reported arrested; UN urge Eritrea to respect the right of freedom of religion; UN Special Rapporteur Eritrea releases report; Young Eritreans continue to flee to Ethiopia; Libyan Coast Guard leader pictured looting migrant boat; Activists condemn EU “criminalisation of solidarity”; Sea Watch 3 states migrants are in danger, as docking is refused; European Union proposal on voluntary relocation after disembarkation; and German Church meeting discusses EU migration policy and far-right extremism.