News Highlights: EU engagement Eritrea failing, leaked document EU-Ethiopia repatriation, EP resolution Sudan

In this week’s news highlights: EU attempts at engagement with Eritrea “producing little[…] in terms of tangible results”; concern over 700 people that may soon be deported from the United States to Eritrea; Ethiopia and EU may soon sign a deal on repatriation, according to leaked draft document; EU-AU summit ends without agreement on forced returns statement; European Commission sets out key points for combatting human trafficking; EU Parliament adopted a resolution on freedom of expression in Sudan; Amnesty International press release on Libya; and some German pilots refuse to repatriate Afghan people.

Eritrean organisations concerned over Eritrea repatriation policy developments

A statement published on The America Team for Displaced Eritreans’ web page foresees the ‘imminent’ deportation of 700 Eritrean refugees from the United States to Eritrea and furthermore it warns of the concrete possibility of torture and executions awaiting the refugees once deported. Under US pressure, the Eritrean regime has agreed to issue travel documents that make deportation possible. The first case is currently being processed, and the outcome of this process might have wider implications if other countries take example, including in Europe.

News Highlights: Eritrea slave labour lawsuit in Canada, Israel crackdown on refugees, Libya slave market video

In this week’s news highlights: the court case against Canadian mining company Nevsun for use of forced labour and mistreatment in Eritrea can move ahead; Eritrean refugees protest in Ethiopia refugee camp; Israel takes plans to deport or imprison Sudanese and Eritrean refugees to the next level; Africa Monitors reports on fate of deported Eritreans; video of Libyan slave markets sparks outrage; and the African Union and European Union prepare for the third AU-EU summit next week.