News Highlights: Border tensions between Ethiopia and Sudan rise, Refugees in dire conditions after snowstorm, Report on Central Mediterrenean Route

In this week’s news highlights: Tensions rise amid border dispute between Ethiopia and Sudan; Ethiopian federal army reports it apprehended TPLF leaders; GERD dam talks come to a halt again; Concerns continue over humanitarian situation in Tigray; New rescue missions in the Mediterranean as other boats remain confined; Over 11,000 migrants and refugees rescued at sea and returned to Libya in 2020; Tunisia’s democracy challenged by “nostalgia of the past”; Sweden will not pursue case against Eritrea over Dawit Isaak; Blizzard in Bosnia and Herzegovina leaves migrants and refugees in dire conditions; Commissioner for Human Rights publishes observations on maltreatment of migrants and refugees in Croatia; Over 150 migrants attempted to cross the English Channel; 7,000 asylum applications in the Netherlands remain to be processed despite 2020 deadline; A fight in an overcrowded Cyprus camp led to more than 24 injures among migrants and refugees; Human Rights Watch’s annual human rights report published; New Humanitarian reports on seven years of shipwrecks on the Central Mediterranean Route.
For frequent updates about the situation in the Horn, please see the EEPA Horn situation reports.

News Highlights: Concern over indications of genocidal tendencies in Tigray, ‘Black book’ shows illegal pushbacks, Over 3,000 migration deaths in 2020

In this week’s news highlights: Conflict in Tigray appears to show indications of genocidal tendencies; Journalists present evidence of Eritrean military in the conflict, and damage, looting and humanitarian disaster in Tigray; Violence against Eritrean refugees in Tigray continues; UN calls for full access to Tigray as first assessment missions enter; Children in Sudanese refugee camps face post-traumatic symptoms; ARCI reports the EU continues externalisation of migration policy in Sudan; The NCHRL rejects settling migrants and refugees in Libya; Italian pathologist tries to identify around 1,000 deaths from 2015 shipwreck; The EU calls for action for migrants and refugees in Bosnia; Refugees experience increase in mental health problems at ‘Moria 2:0’ camp; ‘Black book’ exposes thousands of illegal pushbacks in Europe; and at least over 3,000 fatalities on migration routes so far in 2020

News Highlights: Experts call for de-escalation of Tigray conflict, Nearly 1,000 refugees returned to Libya, UN calls for new resettlement system in the UK

In this week’s news highlights: Experts call for de-escalation of violence in Ethiopia as military offense starts against Tigray; 54 Amhara people killed in Oromia region of Ethiopia; Renewed relations between Sudan and Israel leaves refugees in fear of deportation; Increase in COVID-19 cases in the East and Horn of Africa; 1,000 refugees returned by Libyan coastguards within days; Statistical analysis on migrant vulnerability on the move in Libya; UN calls for new resettlement system in the UK after tragic family death; Two smugglers taken into custody for piloting boats across the Channel; 1,600 refugees arrive in Lampedusa and 300 await to disembark; Fires burn down tents in refugee centre on the island of Samos; Dutch Government leads a project for digital transition in Africa; Second COVID-19 wave puts women, children, and migrants in danger of human trafficking; 10 countries that receive the most refugees.