News Highlights: Eritrea and Sudan to collaborate on security, Eritrean political prisoners still detained, Alleged human traffickers arrested in Italy

In this week’s news highlights: Eritrean prisoners of conscience still in prison after 18 years; Eritrea and Sudan to collaborate on security; Eritrean political expert argues EU does not recognize abnormality of Eritrean regime; More child soldiers in South Sudan despite peace deal; Italian officials accused of being responsible for the deaths of 268 refugees; Rescue ship allowed to dock in Italy; Council: EU member states should ‘deliver on commitments’ on human trafficking; Council of the European Union implements revised torture guidelines; Three men accused of rape and other crimes in Libyan detention center; 98 refugees evacuated from Libya to Italy; Migrants in Libyan detention centers anxious about future after evacuation to Rwanda; and the number of refugee growth is outpacing the world’s population growth rate.

News Highlights: Eritrean official declared ‘persona non grata’ in Netherlands, tension Horn of Africa mounts, more Sudanese troops deployed

In this week’s news highlights: Horn of Africa tension update; Sudanese officials have deep-rooted collusion with human traffickers, says Sudanese media organisation; Protests in Sudan met with police violence; Ethiopian opposition leader freed after one year; African high level panel focuses on migration; Dutch government declares head of Eritrean embassy office ‘persona non grata’; ECHR accepts appeals from Sudanese people against Italian police for possibily illegal returns; Hungary proposes taxes over NGOs dealing with migration; 1400 people saved in Mediterranean Sea by Italian coast guard, at least 2 die.